The Healing Power of Rest and Mindful Eating

Hello! Today Let’s uncover : The Importance of Rest and Mindful Eating for Optimal Health. Now, let’s make ourselves comfy and dive into a life-changing topic: the healing power of rest and mindful eating.

Embracing Rest for Wholeness

The Healing Power of Rest and Mindful Eating

First off, let’s talk about rest. It’s crucial and not just for feeling good. Our bodies crave it to heal and stay balanced. Taking cues from Jesus’ own habits of rest and self-care, I want to stress—pun intended—how taking time out is not a luxury, but a must for your health journey.

Rest Deficit: What’s the Cost?

Ignoring rest can lead to a cascade of health issues. Stress messes with your digestion and may throw your hormones out of whack. I’ve seen it firsthand. And believe me, once your cortisol and insulin levels start playing tug-of-war with your sex hormones, that’s a battle you don’t want.

Savoring Mindful Eating

Sugar Addiction: A Sour Reality

Next big topic: sugar. Yup, sugar is everywhere, and it’s no friend to our bodies. Many of us, including me at one point, have been hooked on the sweet stuff. But I realized this wasn’t the way to live. Studies show sugar and gluten mess with our neurotransmitters, gut health, and hormone balance. Time to kick them to the curb!

Diabetes Diagnosis: Time for a Rethink?

Diabetes is another area where traditional medicine often misses the mark. Rather than waiting for a grim diagnosis, why not test proactively and possibly reverse the tide? It’s time for a health revolution, friends, and it starts with understanding the true role of sugar in our diet.

Harnessing the Mind-Body Connection

Negative Thoughts, Real Consequences

Did you know that every thought or feeling can trigger a physical response in your body? It’s true! This mind-body connection means it’s super important to keep a positive mindset. Our bodies literally listen to our thoughts. So every negative self-chatter moment is actually a mini-stressor, affecting our physical well-being.

Changing the Narrative for Healing

Positive thinking can become a game-changer for your health. When we move away from self-criticism and embrace self-care, our bodies respond. To do that, I sometimes practice a mindfulness activity like lectio divina. It’s a way to meditate on scripture and find peace and clarity.

Taking Action for Your Health

Choice and Control: In Your Hands

I can’t emphasize enough: You’ve got the power. With free will on your side, you can make choices to improve your health daily. It’s all about taking action and partnering with God to steer your wellness journey. Small choices, big impact—that’s my motto to discover The Importance of Rest and Mindful Eating for Optimal Health.

The Role of Liver in Estrogen Dominance

Did you know that your liver plays a part in balancing estrogen levels? When it’s overloaded, it can’t do its job right, and you might end up with estrogen dominance, which spells trouble. But making tweaks to your diet, like cutting down on alcohol, can help your liver and soothe those hormonal ups and downs. I have a NEW Liver Detox Kit, check it out here:

Conclusion: Taking Steps Toward Wholeness

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Remember, whether it’s addressing sugar addiction or tapping into the powerful mind-body connection, you have the potential to ignite change within you. I’m here cheering you on as you make strides toward healing and complete wholeness.


Dr. Tabatha

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