It’s time to reclaim your health by removing toxins from your cells.

You must fix the cell to get well!

All your millions of cells have been accumulating and harboring toxins since before you were born until now. Your body sequesters heavy metals like mercury and lead, molds, pesticides, viruses, bacteria and man-made chemicals as a way to protect you, but overtime that accumulation can reach toxic levels that cause chronic cellular inflammation, which makes you sick. This is one of the root causes why we develop thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The most comprehensive way to reclaim your health is to remove the toxins that you’ve accumulated over your decades of living. I recommend completing the True Cellular Detox Program along with eating a clean, whole foods plant-based diet to combat symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, hormone imbalance, hair loss, acne, brain fog, and insomnia.

Interested in joining our detox program?

It’s a 3 month online guided program using supplements and lifestyle changes to truly detox your body at rtthe cellular level. There are 3 phases to the program, each 30 days long. The required supplements can be sent to your home.

Reclaim your health!

  • Access to the online step-by-step TCD program
  • Guidance and accountability
  • Get educated on how to avoid toxins in the future
  • Required supplement packages
  • Meta-Oxy test kits to monitor reduction in your cellular inflammation
  • True Cellular Detox Neurotoxic Questionnaire to monitor improvement in your symptoms
  • Prep phase kit – 30 day supply
  • Body phase kit – 30 day supply
  • Brain phase kit – 30 day supply
  • Cytodetox – 60 day supply

The 3 phases are designed to work in progression to first prepare your body, then pull the toxins from your body’s cells, and finally from your brain’s cells and safely remove them from the body with a safe, patented binder that holds the released toxins and gets them out of your system. It is more than just a superficial colon cleanse or liver detox. It is removing toxins at the cellular level, so true healing can happen!

Phase 1 – Prep

  • Prepares the body and brain for cleansing
  • Supports optimal liver and kidney function
  • Provides high-potency probiotics
  • Supports cellular purification

Phase 2 – Body

  • Prepares the body for purification of the brain
  • Assists healthy enterohepatic circulation cleansing
  • Supports normal methylation processes required for detox
  • Supports normal mitochondria function for optimal cellular energy

Phase 3 – Brain

  • Assists in purifying the brain
  • Supports safe elimination of toxins
  • Supports normal brain function
  • Provides intracellular and neuronal antioxidant support
Dr. Tabatha