Dr. Tabatha

Doctor, Author and Speaker



An Introduction

Dr. Tabatha Barber is a triple-board-certified physician, specializing in hormones,weight loss, and gut health for women over 40. She and her team help women look and feel 10 years younger by integrating fasting, faith, and functional (peri)menopause support through her nationwide virtual medical practice, Her Higher Health.

With almost 20 years of experience, Dr. Tabatha’s approach integrates conventional and holistic practices, providing a comprehensive understanding of women’s health issues. Her international best-selling book, Fast to Faith: A 40-Day Awakening, and initiatives like her podcast and Gutsy Gyn™ supplement line, reflect her dedication to sharing holistic insights into gut health, hormone balance, and holistic healing. 

Dr. Tabatha’s mission goes beyond conventional medicine; it’s about empowering women to reclaim control over their health and well-being. Through her practice and advocacy, she illuminates a path to healing and wholeness, inspiring women to embrace their inner strength and live their best lives. 

Speaking Topics

  • Why do women face hormone imbalance and weight

    gain during (peri)menopause?

  •  Fasting isn’t a fad diet.
  •  Is it safe for women to fast? 

  •  Why it’s important to choose nutrient-rich whole foods during your eating window for successful intermittent fasting

  •  Why fasting is the quickest, most powerful way to kill your cravings. 

The Mission

Dr. Tabatha is on a mission to shift the culture and practice of medical care from a band-aid approach to a functional approach, which gets to the root cause of health problems. Healthcare experts need to show women that health is not found in a pill or surgery; it begins and ends with the small decisions they make every day. Every woman needs to nourish her body along with her spirituality in order to fully heal.

Dr. Tabatha is not only a brilliant, triple-board certified doctor, she is also a dazzling and compelling public speaker. She speaks from the mind, body and spirit and this combination is irresistible to any audience.

Emily Stapleton