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We offer real solutions to your perimenopausal + menopausal issues.

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We are a virtual practice licensed in over half of the United States.

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We don’t just fix your hormones, we treat you mind, body & soul.

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Health & Wellness require a comprehensive approach.


Our goal is to get to the root cause of your issues. We want to heal your gut by incorporating a healthy, positive mindset, nourishing your body, brain and soul.

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Are You Tired of Being Told:


  • your labs are normal, so you are fine.
  • your weight gain & pains are because you are getting older.
  • hormones are dangerous – you are better off just suffering through this.
  • that we can’t measure hormones.
  • you need to eat less and exercise more.

If so, you aren’t alone.

These are the top 5 complaints I hear from women EVERY DAY.

The good news?

You don’t have to struggle anymore.

You don’t have to accept the lie that aging causes weight gain, fatigue or disease. It’s not true. God created our bodies with beautiful innate intelligence. Let us teach  you how to tap into that and THRIVE.

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quote I am feeling a whole lot better! I'm having less joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, and my gut feels so much better. My husband has been doing the gut healing and diet changes with me and he is so happy Read more...Show less

— Barb

quote A note of tremendous gratitude. The hot flashes have stopped. I am sleeping so much better. No more being awakened due to extreme heat followed by extreme cold. I cannot thank you enough!
— Stacy
quote My IBS is completely gone, so that's awesome! And my rheumatologist can’t believe my antibodies are now negative.
— Skye
quote I feel much better than I did 3 months ago. I have more energy. I don't feel the need to nap. I don't feel as bloated. Thank you!
— Amanda
quote I've lost 18 lbs already. I haven't felt this good in 13 yrs. You gave me my life back! I didn't know I could feel this good!
— Rebecca
quote I've gotten so much out of the HealthieHer program, I tell everyone and they are jealous! I’ve already lost 15 lbs and I feel so good.
— Andrea
quote I feel really good. I have my energy back and I'm sleeping so much better.
— Nicole

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