I have dedicated my life to studying the intricacies of women. I am passionate about educating women on the importance of a healthy body, mind, and soul.


Your body and your physical health tell a story. It tells me what you’ve been consuming, what you’ve been exposed to in the environment, how you’ve been moving, if you’ve interacted with the elements, how your mind is functioning, what struggles you’ve endured, and if you’ve been nourishing your soul.


Your mind and mental health are a reflection of your physical health. You cannot have one without the other. What you think affects how you feel, and in turn, how you act. In the same regard, how use your body affects the chemicals in your brain, which changes how you feel. Your mind is the great connector between your body and your soul.


Your soul is that permanent energy that transcends your physical body and connects you to your higher-power. The only way to truly be healthy and live a joyous life is to nourish your soul. Your body exists as a house for your soul to have worldly experiences in which to grow and connect. In this way, it’s vitally important to nourish your body and mind, to nourish your soul.

My Mission is to treat the whole person- Body, Mind, and Soul.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine, offered by Dr. Tabatha, adopts a comprehensive, holistic approach to understanding health and disease. It delves into the unique factors that contribute to an individual’s illness, considering their genetics, microbiome, lifestyle, nutrition, and environment. By uncovering the underlying causes of dysfunction and chronic diseases, often linked to our standard American diets, high stress lifestyles, toxic environment, and unhealthy habits, functional medicine aims to provide personalized care that addresses the root issues.

Dr Tabatha and Friend

My Belief

I am a Christian who believes in the Holy Trinity. My mission is to encourage women to honor God by taking care of their bodies. I believe God has designed us to heal and thrive, but we must overcome our deceitful thoughts and worldly desires to live as Christ taught us. Fasting and reading scripture are powerful ways to hear God’s plan and guidance for you. I help women tap into these superpowers to regain control of their health and achieve the life they dream of.

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