My guest today is like me but, on the other side of the world in Australia. I love how Jackie really approaches medical conditions and helps women reclaim their health and get back in tune with their bodies.

She’s a medical intuitive and really helps women understand what is going on with their bodies and how they can get more in tune, understand, listen, change, and transform and not just stop being sick, but actually be vibrant, feel amazing, and have an awesome life.

About Jackie Bowker

Jackie Bowker is the CEO of The Global Feel Better Institute. She has her own pain-to-purpose story that she’s going to share with us. She is a scientist and nutritionist, but what really struck me as unique about Jackie is that she’s a spiritual coach. When you really tune in to all of that, you can have some amazing results because I don’t think you need the perfect diet or the perfect workout. There’s so much more to us. We are complex spiritual beings having a physical experience. You want a guide that can help you tap into that.

We’re going to talk about all of that and she gives awesome tips and tricks to really start hearing what your body’s telling you and making these changes. This is an awesome episode and she’s fabulous.

On this podcast, we are going to talk about…

  • Jackie’s pain-to-purpose story
  • What’s killing our energy
  • How to take ownership of your health
  • Some things that Jackie sees that move the needle for her clients
  • What it means to be a medical intuitive
  • Listen to yourself and find your intuition
  • How you can work with Jackie





How You Can Feel Better Now

Welcome, Jackie to the Gutsy Gynecologist Podcast!

Jackie does beautiful work with energy and intuitive healing. She talks a lot about reclaiming your energy physically. Jackie came from the world of corporate and from a background of non-medicine, non-healing, and non-intuitive, but is helping millions of women.

Can You Share Your Story With My Listeners?

I have always been an ambitious, high-performing woman in the corporate space and I have had clients tell me, “I wish I knew what I’ve learned from Jackie 10 years ago.” I was a corporate high-flying executive. If I was still doing that now, I would be running a company. I am very ambitious, but I didn’t realize that I had this baseline of not operating on purpose with pure joy and coming from a place of pure exhaustion.

I’d be waking up in the middle of the night and responding to emails. I created that scenario because I wanted to be important. I always deliver what I say I’m going to do and I wanted to make sure people were looked after and that my team was looked after. I exhausted myself to make that happen.

Our adrenals are supposed to be the size of a walnut and are responsible for managing stress in the body. They’ve done autopsies on people with adrenal fatigue and have found that they can be degraded down to the size of a pea. I was thinking about what size mine would be when I basically hit rock bottom. I then thought to myself, if there’s one of me, then there are millions more like me.

I had this moment at work where I was talking to a team member and I fell asleep in the conversation. I was in conversations with a doctor at the time and taking the conventional medicine route. We were running tests and trying to work out why I wasn’t feeling good. The doctor said, “You have to cut back on your hours.” I told him, “I can’t. I’ve got this job and I’m important. People are relying on me and I love that.”

So through many years of digging deep and deciding what I had to do for my own safety of my health and of my family, I decided to take some time off from that job and then discovered nutrition, functional nutrition, and functional medicine. My whole world was opened up to feeling better through using these practices on myself. I realized I have to share this with the world because when you feel good you actually are in a position where you can live a life of service, but you can’t do that when you’re on the floor.

What Is Killing Our Energy?

I think there’s a lot that we’re doing that we don’t even realize is sapping our energy because there’s no whitespace. You are just running from one emergency to the next, from one fire to the next, and you’re living on your adrenaline and cortisol. When you’re living on your adrenal and your cortisol, you’re up and feeling good. I didn’t notice my energy until I didn’t have any left.

My passion is helping people that have realized that there’s more to it than meals, mindset, and moves. It’s all about the basics. We have to understand what your baseline is. We’re all different. Then fuse that with what you are saying to yourself. What are the words that you’re using because the words that you’re using are your beliefs. Your beliefs can hold you back or your beliefs can support you. Your beliefs can put you in a place of optimal health or they can put you in a place of sickness. So many things contribute to energy and it’s about understanding where you’re at and then making a plan.

Taking Ownership in Your Own Health

It’s so important for us to take responsibility for our health and nutrition. That’s why I’m so passionate about working with high-performing people because they’re usually the people that are in charge of the household. So that means you’re usually in charge of dependents. So what behavior are you modeling? Are you responsible for your own actions? We seem to have lost that and maybe that’s because there’s still this white coat approach of your doctor is going to tell you what to do.

When I work with someone, there are a couple of things I do. The first thing is if you are skeptical of your ability to achieve your transformation or if you’re skeptical of my approach to getting you there, then there is absolutely no point in you investing your time, money, and my time. As practitioners, we live to get your results. We live a life of service and we absolutely want to get you the transformation. If you don’t get there then we think about you in our spare time.

In my work, I am an equal. I’m not the Guru, I am your guide. I’m the keeper of the sacred space that is a safe place for us to talk about what is going on for you and if I listened to you for long enough, you will tell me what is wrong and you will tell me how to fix it.

I feel like we’ve lost the art of listening. If we could do that more and help the client or the patient understand that it is their responsibility and their choice to take responsibility for their health, nutrition, gut health, and hormones. They are the only ones that can do that. Nobody else can do it for you.

What Are Some Things You See That Really Move the Needle?

Sleep. It’s the best free drug that there is. We know sleep deprivation is a form of torture. So as a guide, if I can help you connect the dots between torturing yourself and making a plan with really simple actions that you put in place and monitor do they work for you? Or didn’t they? Then that’s where the hope comes from. It’s a collaboration.

What are you saying to yourself? I have had decades of my life where I’ve wanted to be like my friends. One of my friends has beautiful, luscious lips. So, I wanted her lips. I had another friend, she had long, lean legs and I wanted her legs. I have large feet. I didn’t want size 10 feet. I wanted size eight feet. I was looking at myself every day of the decade wanting something else and loathing. That becomes very addictive because you can get that dopamine hit from loathing or loving. But those decades of loathing and the words that I said to myself were harmful.

Stand in front of the mirror in the morning. Being naked is a bonus and love on yourself. I’ve tried to get my own mom to do this and she’s like, “I won’t do it. I hate doing it.” It’s so sad and heartbreaking. So you are standing in front of the mirror and what are you saying? Are you finding something that you love about yourself? I love my brown eyes, they’re so kind and I appreciate the body that I have. It doesn’t mean you don’t have goals, but if you can’t accept where you are, you aren’t going to lose the weight. The weight is going to stay on there because the body thinks that you want it to because you’re asking for it.

That’s my special sauce, I suppose. I get people to focus and bring awareness to what you are saying to yourself. I’ve even had people put a rubber band on and flick themselves every time they say something they shouldn’t have and they’ve said to me, “My wrist really hurts. I cannot flick one more time.” That’s data! This is wonderful. It’s just more and more data about the very next step. If you want to lose 5 to 10 pounds, start with what you’re saying to yourself and start imagining and falling in love with your future self. I love talking to people about that and it has such an amazing impact. It’s just one small step at a time.

What Does it Mean That You’re a Medical Intuitive?

Through my studies in functional medicine and functional nutrition, part of that was learning kinesiology muscle testing. It’s the ability to be able to listen and interpret the body’s signals that it’s giving you. I was doing bodywork to be able to do that and you might know that a lot of chiropractors do that. It’s a beautiful practice that has been used for 1000s of years. It’s tapping into someone’s energetic field to get to understand the body’s priorities.

Then I went on a journey of learning quantum physics and studied under Bruce Lipton, DJ McCarty, and Rob Williams who are incredible people who opened my mind to this thing called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, which is operating anywhere between 95 – 99% of our actions and behaviors. I learned how to transform old unhealthy limiting beliefs with new supporting beliefs. I had this practice where I was looking at stool tests, Dutch hormone tests, and food sensitivity tests, just like you do.

Then I was understanding what the person wanted to feel instead and we would learn from their body if a program that was running at the subconscious mind. I looked at the two separate practices and I worked out a way to create a method to fuse the two. In my practice, people usually come to you when they’re in pain. So I would start a protocol straightaway. It takes three weeks to get a DNA stool test back, so I would use my method to get them started to use their body to give me the priority to understand what was going on.

A great example is a young girl I saw who had welts all over her legs. They were huge and she’d been to the children’s hospital seeing the best specialists and the best doctors. They’ve been using all sorts of cortisone creams and she’d been to the best dermatologist. So she came in and I used my method. I understood the message from the body that she had worms. I reported to the mother the guidance that we’re getting from her body, this isn’t me telling you, this is her telling us that she has worms. Then we’ll run this stool test and we’ll get that confirmed back.

What I started to see was that with my guidance, I don’t want to call it a diagnosis because it’s not, it’s a message given to me from the body about what’s going on and what the priority was. She could have had a heap of other stuff going on such as bacterial overgrowth or Candida, but the priority was the worms. That was what was causing the welts. I asked that question and I got that affirmative. Then I got the stool tests back three weeks later and they showed she was riddled with worms. I was blown away.

So that’s what I do. I run the test because the more data the better. We can only refine a protocol and get more and more personalized if we’ve got the data and we know what’s going on. I asked the body these questions and that’s the intuitive side. Then I combine that with biology with what I see from the testing results and we get these beautiful priorities, which are based on everything the body is telling us.

Where Can We Start to Get Back to Listening to Ourselves?

The first step is to find and dig deeper. Learn about what’s going on in your body. It’s hard because there are so many practitioners with so many views and we’re all so well-intentioned, but things happen that aren’t a coincidence.

Also, love and hope are so important because they are linked to wellness. This goes back to the fact that I’m not the guru, but everybody is intuitive. My guidance would be if you think about something in the shower or if someone you know gives you Tabatha’s number on a piece of paper, act on that and then share as much as you can about the transformation that you want to receive. Then learn about your body, take responsibility, do the investigation, and find the person that can help you understand what’s going on with your body.

We are constantly on the go and we think being busy is productive and successful and they’re not. I think being intuitive, stopping and listening to yourself, and paying attention is where you are going to find so many answers.

Speak in the present tense and use positive language that the subconscious understands. Phrases like I am, I can, and I believe rather than flood your mind with words that you use to speak negatively. It’s all about the energetic field that you sit in. You can’t say those negative phrases because the subconscious doesn’t understand the word don’t. It only understands wants and needs that affirmation.

That’s a Wrap

I love that episode and I just love Jackie. I love all the work she’s doing. If you’re looking for amazing recipes, check out her Instagram. That’s where it’s at.

My golden nugget for today is reframing your limiting beliefs and realizing that your subconscious doesn’t understand the negative. So when you say, “I don’t want pain or I can’t lose weight,” what you’re reinforcing in your subconscious mind is, I gain weight and I have pain. You have to change the language that you’re speaking in your head both verbally and in what you write. Try saying or writing, I feel strong, I am strong, I feel good, I can lose weight, and I have a healthy weight. That will shift your subconscious which directs the chemical processes in your body that drive hormone production and utilization.

My takeaway for today is using the affirmatives. This is very much hardcore science even though it seems a little woo-woo. I really want you to embrace this idea of reframing your limiting beliefs and reframing your language using the positives. I hope you found something that you can start incorporating or shift in your life to really make a difference.

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