How estrogen saved my life

A lot of you have probably heard horror stories about estrogen. That you should stay away from it, that it might make you feel “crazy”, that it might cause cancer, etc. Let me tell you a story about how estrogen saved my life, quite literally.

Recently, I was feeling severe sadness. I was crying easily. I felt depressed. I didn’t want to get off the couch. I didn’t want my life anymore. And let me tell you, it was SCARY.

I decided to have my hormones tested and sure enough, my estrogen was low. Because of my history with estrogen dominance, I was nervous to try ANYTHING with estrogen but I settled for an estrogen patch.


How estrogen saved my life

I started slow…

At first, I tried an estrogen patch of .025 milligrams. Within that same day of putting it on, I felt a shift. I stopped hating my life. I wanted to talk to my husband again. I wanted to get off the couch.

I upped the patch to .05 milligrams and I started to feel good. I wasn’t feeling depressed anymore. I was interested in life again!

I upped it one last time to .075 milligrams and I felt back to myself again.
This was the most eye opening experience for me and it made me immediately want to share my story.

It became even clearer to me that our hormones are what drive us and keep us healthy and happy and who we are. The fact that mine just tanked overnight and I didn’t’ recognize myself or the life I had was really scary.

How estrogen saved my life

Don’t let conventional medicine disregard you, blow you off or tell you,

“It’s just menopause; you’re getting older; get over it.”

You deserve to feel like yourself.
You deserve to be able to function like you used to.
We need our hormones!
We need to make sure we’re being heard!

I hear you.
I feel you.
I’m going through this with you.

In health and love,