Is Your Energy Stuck?

Are you finding that you’re feeling stuck? Stuck in life, in your job and your relationships with your physical body? Maybe you feel like you’re not making progress or seeing any efforts with the way that you are currently living. I know that was a huge struggle for me for a long time and honestly, it still is. No one ever figures it out to the point where life is just simple and easy and there’s never any issues. That’s just not how life works. So, even though I have learned so many tools and gone through my own health journey, there’s always going to be a challenge that you’re going to encounter in life. And the question is, how do we move through those stumbling blocks? How do we change the energy?


Stumbling Blocks

Detox the bad energy

It’s not always what we can see on lab results and it’s not always what we can see on the scale. Or physically with our eyes! There’s so much energy that is being exchanged between you and other people around you and the universe. All of that affects your physiology, how you feel and how you live your life. Sometimes, there can be energy blocks that are preventing you from making progress in life.


To start, it might be helpful to ask what might be going on? Where are you having blocks? Are they recent or are they from childhood? There could also be ancestral blocks from the pains and struggles of your ancestors. The body has a process of detoxifying from things but you also have to detox from emotional situation, trauma and unresolved situations. 

Detox energy

How do you get your “you” energy back?

In this day and age, we as women might feel like we are being pulled in every direction. It’s so important for you to come back to your sense of self and who you are. Because you’re not just your mother’s daughter and your child’s caregiver or your husband’s wife. You are your person on your own. So many women are losing that! Women are coming to me, lost as a person, as a woman with no joy and no purpose left. They think, “Well, I did all the right things. I checked all the boxes: I have the amazing career and the family and the house but, I’m still so miserable. And part of that is hormone imbalance, right? But there’s so much more going on and we’re just not feeding our souls. So how do we as women even realize that’s happening?


You will feel off or empty or like you’re not yourself. You’re checking all the boxes, you did all that stuff and then in return, you’re not feeling that joy back in yourself. That means you’ve lost connection with your soul and that you’ve taken on other people’s energy and you’re playing it out. You’ve lost the connection with YOU. The great news is that you can get it back! Dr. Louise calls it getting back to being 100% your soul’s truth.


Where to go for help?

Dr. Louise has 30 years of experience helping people achieve optimal brain power and success in life and business. She’s a transformation wizard blending neuro naturopath the NLP which is Neuro Linguistic Programming, kinesiology, trauma release work and power energy work. She’s passionate about connecting, clearing blocks to success and helping others achieve their highest potential. Using a combination of tools, she’s helped people move from anxiety to calm in one session! That’s powerful!

Dr. Louise has what’s called a discovery session. It’s a brain soul success assessment and she takes you through the brain system like she did with me in this episode. It’s so incredibly important to understand that we are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual beings and we need tools to help us get connected back to our souls. This is the key to finding true joy in life!

In health and love,

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