Recently, a patient asked this question and I got thinking about my time in medical school and residency. Unfortunately, I know the answer to this question because I was a conventional gynecologist for over a decade. But before we dive in, if this message resonates with you, please share it! Share it far and wide! Women everywhere need to hear, “You aren’t alone! You don’t need to suffer! And you can feel better!”

Feel better

Back to why you don’t feel better…

Do you feel like your conventional gynecologist is failing you? You’re not wrong. I practiced as a conventional gynecologist for over a decade and what I learned in medical school (some 20 years ago) was antiquated back then. The disease model of the 1950’s-1960’s is still being taught to this day.

Conventional medicine is focused on diagnosing diseases that are recognized by insurance companies via the ICD code. When I was in school it was ICD 5 or 6 but they keep updating these codes. This means insurance companies determine whether or not they are going to acknowledge a certain disease and furthermore, cover the medication or surgery related to treating it.

Feel better

Insurance companies and big pharmacology absolutely dictate how medical students are trained and how residency programs are run. It was commonplace back then and even to this day to have a drug rep come in two to three times a week to bring lunches and teach about their drugs. We were constantly learning about what drug treats which disease and if there’s no drug, what surgery treats that same disease.

Residents were trained that way in every specialty. It was never about reversing disease or stopping the progression. 

Feel better

I practiced this way for far too long and I didn’t understand just how broken the system is. These practitioners are supposed to be helping patients feel better but instead, medications are being too widely prescribed and surgeries too often performed.

So, how can you feel better?

First, feel empowered and excited knowing that there is help out there and you don’t have to be miserable. You don’t have to “just deal” with these hormonal imbalances or this suffering you’re experiencing. There are doctors like me who take the time to dive deeper into the root cause of symptoms. How you feel matters.

I’ve been where you are; exhausted, sick, overweight, depressed and unsure of what to do. But I got tired of the system and I figured out how to feel better. Now, I help women every day feel better. Let’s work together so I can help YOU!

In health and love,


Feel better