birth control + the truth

The truth about birth control and the consequences they have on your health can be very detrimental.

Birth control that is made up of synthetic estrogen and synthetic progestin destroy your health by stopping your own hormone production. The brain and ovaries stop communicating and talking to each other to create your cycle. The Hypothalamic Pituitary Ovarian Axis or HPO gets shut down. There will be a bleed but it’s a synthetic response to the synthetic hormones.

The birth control methods with synthetic hormones are:

  • The Birth Control Pill
  • The Mini Pill
  • Nuva Ring
  • Nexplanon
  • Depo Shot
  • Hormonal IUD
Birth Control

New diseases, chronic conditions (like leaky gut), and digestive issues develop when these forms of birth control are used for prolonged periods of time. The body can no longer perform its processes and stay in a balanced state.

you are not crazy; you are not alone

There’s a reason you feel sick all the time, don’t want to have sex, have vaginal dryness, and you’re often depressed or anxious. Your physiology from these synthetic hormones has literally changed! And not in a good way.

If you are going to be on the pill, get on vitamin and mineral replacement as well as magnesium. Try my MultiLift, BLift and MagLift to help you absorb more and feel better.

There are other safer options out there. Check out my episode on safe birth control options where I discuss the TRUE risks, benefits and alternatives. Conventional gynecology is only telling you one side of the story so you aren’t really getting informed consent.

Every woman needs to know about this because it affects all of us. We should all have the freedom and ability to control our reproductive health. But we should also be fully informed so we can make the best decisions for our health and our bodies!

In health and love,