Dr. Tabatha

Tabatha Barber, DO, FACOG, NCMP, IFMCP


Creator of Fast to Faith, Owner & Medical Director of Her Higher Health and founder of the Gutsy Gyn Supplement line.

About Dr. Tabatha

Doctor, Author, Speaker, Jesus-lover, Mom, Grandma

Dr. Tabatha Barber has dedicated her life to giving women a voice and a choice when it comes to their health and well-being. Overcoming the challenges of being a high school dropout and teenage mother, she emerged as a successful physician through faith and perseverance.

Her unwavering commitment to women’s health is evident through her triple board certifications in obstetrics and gynecology, menopause, and functional medicine. As the driving force behind her thriving medical practice, Dr. Tabatha and her team provide compassionate support and care to women nationwide. Through her podcast, Gutsy Gyn supplement line, and her international best-selling book Fast to Faith, she shares insights into the importance of gut health, hormone balance, mindset, and most importantly, nourishing the soul to truly heal and become whole. She is a beacon of light in a sea of medical darkness.

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Did you know this high school dropout is a 2x Best Selling Author?

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Heartfelt Journeys: Illuminating Women Reconnecting Body, Mind, and Soul.

After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 6 years ago, I struggled to find a medicine that my body accepted. I’ve tried over 5 different medications and nothing seemed to stick. Either my body would adjust and the medicine wouldn’t work anymore, or I’d experience bad side effects, or I was allergic. Finally, (when I was facing surgery to have part of my colon removed) I broke down and said I was done. I felt that God was leading me in a Read more...Show less

— Shar’Rae D.

It has been a learning journey. A year ago, I felt like something wasn’t right. I went to my PCP with a laundry list of symptoms and none of them pointed to anything. They asked me what I wanted to do. I left feeling very defeated. Two months later, I was diagnosed with a very overwhelming diagnosis- breast cancer. Health care at that point was very disjointed and extremely specific. With over 8 different specialists, I found it hard to Read more...Show less

—Becky S.

I came to see Dr. Barber because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and having pain every time I ate. She asked me to give her 3 weeks, to make me feel better without prescription medication. It’s been almost 10 weeks and not only am I feeling 100% better, but I’ve lost 25 pounds and am learning how to cook heathy and delicious meals. I’m so thankful for her encouragement and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle.

— Kim K. 

My 16 yr old daughter two autoimmune diseases- type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. She has struggled with her blood sugars and cholesterol levels for years. In addition to being on insulin, she was on the verge of being put on a statin medication. I knew we had to make changes, so I turned to Dr. Barber for advice on healthy eating. That was the best decision of my life! Within 2 months, my daughter dropped her cholesterol level from 187 to 116, Read more...Show less

— Amanda G.

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